Krisumi Waterfall Residences The Ideal Home for Professionals

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Imagine a place that seamlessly blends the demands of your professional life with the serenity you crave for rejuvenation. Look no further than Krisumi Waterfall Residences in Gurgaon's Sector 36A. Here, we create a haven specifically designed for thriving professionals like you, offering a perfect balance between career success and personal well-being.

Fuel Your Productivity Designed for Efficiency

Krisumi Waterfall Residences Sector 36A Gurgaon understands the importance of a well-equipped workspace. Many of our apartments feature dedicated workspaces, complete with high-speed internet connectivity and ample natural light. Imagine starting your day with a focused work session overlooking the cascading waterfall, our namesake and a constant source of inspiration. Smart home technology streamlines your daily routine, letting you control lighting, temperature, and even household appliances with just a touch or voice command.

Unwind and Recharge Your Urban Oasis Awaits

The hustle and bustle of professional life shouldn't compromise your well-being. Krisumi Waterfall Residences Sector 36A provides the perfect escape. Stepping inside your exquisitely designed apartment, you'll be greeted by the calming sounds of the waterfall, a constant reminder of the tranquility that awaits. Lush greenery surrounds the residences, offering a visual escape from the urban landscape. Take a refreshing dip in the sparkling swimming pool, or unwind in the state-of-the-art spa, indulging in a rejuvenating massage specifically designed to combat stress and muscle tension.

Foster Connections and Build a Network

Krisumi Waterfall Residences fosters a vibrant community spirit, perfect for building a network of like-minded professionals. Our beautifully designed common areas, including a clubhouse and landscaped courtyards, provide the ideal platform for social interaction. We host a variety of events throughout the year, from business networking gatherings to casual social evenings, allowing you to connect with individuals who share your ambitions and aspirations.

Live a Life of Seamless Convenience

Location matters! Krisumi Waterfall Residences Gurgaon enjoys a prime location in Sector 36A, Gurgaon. You'll be close to the city's bustling business hubs, ensuring your daily commute is effortless. Social infrastructure like schools, hospitals, and shopping centers are all within easy reach, catering to your everyday needs. Major highways and well-connected roads provide seamless connectivity to other parts of the city, allowing you to explore all that Gurgaon has to offer without sacrificing precious time.

More Than Just an Address A Sustainable Sanctuary

Krisumi Waterfall Residences is committed to creating a sustainable future. We incorporate eco-friendly practices into our design and construction, minimizing our environmental footprint. This commitment extends to fostering a healthy and vibrant community, where residents can connect, support each other, and achieve their professional goals.

At Krisumi Waterfall Residences, we don't just say we're the ideal home for professionals; we have the stories to prove it. Here are some inspiring examples of how residents have achieved success while living here


Ankita, a marketing manager, found the dedicated workspace in her apartment a game-changer. "The peace and quiet, coupled with the high-speed internet, allows me to focus on important projects without distractions," she says. "Plus, after a long day of brainstorming and presentations, unwinding by the waterfall is the perfect way to de-stress."


Rajiv, an investment banker, credits the on-site amenities with helping him maintain a healthy work-life balance. "The gym at Krisumi Waterfall Residences allows me to squeeze in a quick workout before work, and the spa is my go-to place for relieving stress after a demanding day," he shares. "The community events have also been a great way to meet other professionals and expand my network."


Priyanka, an entrepreneur, found a supportive community at Krisumi Waterfall Residences. "The networking events and social gatherings have been invaluable for connecting with potential collaborators and mentors," she explains. "The sense of belonging here has motivated me to push myself further in my business endeavors."

These are just a few examples of the many professionals who have thrived at Krisumi Waterfall Residences. Our unique environment fosters focus, provides opportunities for relaxation, and encourages connections – all essential ingredients for a successful career.

Beyond the Individual A Collaborative Ecosystem

Krisumi Waterfall Residences goes beyond catering to individual needs. We understand that professional success often requires collaboration and a supportive network. That's why we offer

A fully equipped business center This space provides residents with professional meeting rooms, high-speed internet, and printing facilities, allowing them to host productive meetings or work remotely in a focused environment.

Guest speaker events We regularly host industry experts and thought leaders to share their insights and experiences. These events provide residents with valuable learning opportunities and a chance to connect with professionals from diverse fields.

Mentorship programs Connecting experienced professionals with aspiring entrepreneurs fosters a culture of knowledge sharing and support. This program can be instrumental in propelling residents' careers to the next level.

By fostering a collaborative ecosystem, Krisumi Waterfall Residences empowers residents to not only achieve individual success but also contribute to a thriving professional community.

Live, Work, and Thrive at Krisumi Waterfall Residences

Krisumi Waterfall Residences Sector 36A Gurgaon offers an unparalleled living experience specifically designed for professionals. Here, you can achieve a perfect balance between career success, personal well-being, and a supportive network.


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