Rode launches VideoMic Go II, improving sound capture and adding USB-C output

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(Pocket-lint) - Rode has conscionable announced a caller mentation of its popular, portable microphone: the VideoMic Go. Unsurprisingly, it's called the VideoMic Go II, and comes with a big of caller features. 

The astir evident quality is the redesign of the microphone itself. In a batch of ways, it's a miniaturised mentation of Rode's nonrecreational NTG and NTG5 shotgun mics. 

That means, alternatively than person rather a basal all-foam exterior, the portion looks and feels similar a tiny shotgun mic, and has the aforesaid acoustic plan arsenic those aforementioned NTG-series microphones. 

Like immoderate bully shotgun mic, it's besides "highly directional" and means you tin usage it to grounds vlogs, pieces to camera and talking caput benignant shots, and guarantee the main audio captured is the talent's voice, alternatively than tons of inheritance noise. 

Rode's latest portable mic besides comes with a caller USB-C connector, arsenic good arsenic the accustomed 3.5mm TRS output, for connecting to astir immoderate signaling instrumentality you tin deliberation of. 

That means whether you privation to link it to your camera, laptop, tablet oregon smartphone, you tin bash so. And utilizing the USB-C connector besides means it's compatible with Rode's suite of mobile and desktop apps similar Rode Connect, Rode Central and Rode reporter. 

It's a passive mic, which means nary batteries required, and besides means it's incredibly lightweight. At conscionable 89 grams and 150mm long, it's casual to transportation astir and ships with a daze absorbing equine with a cold-shoe equine for casual camera mounting. 

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The Rode VideoMic Go II launches today, and volition lone acceptable you backmost $99 successful the US if you determine to bargain one. We're inactive waiting connected UK/European pricing. 

Writing by Cam Bunton.

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